Welcome to my Blarg!

People come up to me all the time and go, “Hey man, what’s your blog address?”

And I usually stand up because I’m probably close the ground trying to put my bicycle chain back on my ten-speed and I say to them, “First of all, even if I had a blog, I wouldn’t tell you where to find it. Second of all, what are you talking aboot?”

Then they go all into supposedly how great the Internet is now, and I wave them off and say, “Yeah, yeah. Sounds really cool. I should do that.” And on the inside I’m all smiling to myself because everything they say is exactly what everyone said about Crystal Pepsi, and look what happened to that.

But I figured if I didn’t jump on this crazy Internet phenom of weblogging now, I’ll never have a chance to become famous. I have to start before EVERYBODY is doing it and I get lost in a sea of upwards of 60,000 bloggers. Goodness, could you imagine? Tens of thousands of people using the Internet to sound off on their very own homepages? My word, the very idea!!

Anyway, welcome.


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