Justin Timberlake New Album Track List!!

The track list for Justin Timberlake’s new untitled album has been leaked onto the Internet, and it sounds HOT!!!!!!!!!!! Things can still change, but according to an anonymous source, Justin signed off on this two days ago! Instead of ignoring it or trying to prevent information from getting out, Jive, the label who released JT’s last two albums, has decided to embrace this as a marketing opportunity. They issued a statement mere hours after the track list made the rounds:

“Justin Timberlake once again is out to show that he is on the cutting edge with his hotly anticipated new album, currently untitled, which is due out next spring. The superstar will deliver hot new tracks featuring all of the patented Timberlake staples: love, beautiful women, falling in love, making love, dancing, and going to clubs. And don’t forget the overly done production that will digitally distort JT’s voice to almost unintelligble levels on at least three or four songs. 2009 will have JT all over the radio, so get ready.”

And below are the official track titles!!!!!!

Dance With Me
Hot N Sexy
Lovin’ You
Sexy Sexy Girl
Monthly Lover
Love Taking You Home – I Will Stay
Grilled Cheese and Sex
Morning Love
See You At The Club
Dance, Girl, Dance
Sex It More


14 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake New Album Track List!!

  1. I got “Grilled Cheese and Sex” off Limewire and it has become a staple of my workout mix playlist. And yes, my “workout” consists of eating Cheetos while doing Kegels and watching Food Network.

  2. This site does not condone the illegal downloading of media, BUT I will let you know that I got this information from a post on a pretty popular JT fansite. They may have more information for you, but be sure to link to this post to let them know.

  3. these track titles sound fake to me, im not going to believe information about jt’s new album unless its been confirmed by justin himself.

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