Sarah Palin – MAXIM Cover

Good luck, Barack Obama. The race for President just took an interesting turn. I don’t have to remind people of McCain’s stunning Veep pick today. It was out of left field, but then again John McCain has been known to defy conventional wisdom and buck the system. That reflects well with his choice of Gov. Sarah Palin, who has also often played by her own set of rules in fighting corruption and running the state of Alaska. Even during her campaign for governor in 2006, she decided to appeal to the young voters by giving an exclusive interview and pictorial with MAXIM Magazine. See the cover below. I’m sure McCain’s people took this into consideration when they vetted her.

Sarah Palin in Maxim

Sarah Palin in MAXIM

16 thoughts on “Sarah Palin – MAXIM Cover

  1. Maybe it’s not too late for Obama to counter, drop Biden, and pick up someone younger, hotter, and more feminine. Someone like Dennis Kucinich. Zing! Political humor! Not my forte!

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  3. Great Post!
    You must check out our post on Mrs. Palin called “Attack of the Snow MILF”
    Go to “Are You F–ing Kidding Me???”
    Real LIfe. Real Shenanigans.

    In addition, I just gave you 3 smiley faces on humorblog

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