Where I pre-write all of the comments I will leave on students’ work for the year and only use once, part 1

I start teaching 6th grade next week, and I still have a lot of preparations to make! Today I started pre-writing all the comments I will write on my students’ returned homework assignments and tests. The toughest part is knowing I can only use each of these once per year. I’ll need thousands, but here’s the first small part of my list:

Great job!You're killing it!


Half credit — didn’t show work

See me after school!

Remarkable improvement! Keep it up!


Please apply yourself. You’re smarter than this!

Nice try. Lincoln never publicly commented on Douglas’ looks.

Pirates can be sea captains. Not all sea captains are pirates.

OJ Simpson ran for over 11,000 career yards.

I like breakfast for dinner, too! +1

The President was born in Hawaii. Lose two points.

Spooktacular effort!

I don’t know what it means, but Geronimo was never referred to as 1337.

If you’re going to be racist, at least go all in. -1

Good first poem! Try rhyming more. (ABAB or AABB)

Banquo’s ghost, NOT Slimer. -3

Very creative! +1

a² + b² = c², duh.

MAXIM is not a valid “book” on which to write a “report.” Zero.

Have your parents sign this and return to me!!

Use blue or black ink from now on, please.

Good use of “niggardly”! +1

Well done! Merry Christmas!

Your third paragraph is just a 125-word run-on sentence. -3

???? What is Quidditch???

Wonderful summary of last year’s Oscars race. Has nothing to do with The Resurrection of Christ.


This was an open book test!! Do better!

Statement contradicts your thesis. -2

Fine use of the Scientific Method!

Did you even read the assignment?

Egg-cellent work!

Insightful but boring essay. Rewrite, add more explosions. B-