Fantasy Football Fever!

If you’re at all familiar with me, you know that me and sports are not a good combination. I have a cousin in the football Hall of Fame and I was at Super Bowl XXXIV, but I couldn’t tell you four players on any current NFL team. Some sports nerds would argue that this lack of knowledge basically means I’m not a man or cool, but I have way better reasons to support such a statement (i.e. my fashion sense, my Fantasy Football!physique, my unquenchable desire for frappuchinos, etc). But I thought it was time to show the world that I can manage a Fantasy Football league with the grace of an old pro, so I put together my own league on Fleaflicker and came up with some scoring rules that I thought would still be fun. I then crafted a recruitment e-mail to tell my fantasy sports buddies all about it; below, you can see a variation on the e-mail that describes all the greatness involved. You’ll undoubtedly want to join up after reading the recruitment letter, so get in touch if you’d like to become a part of history. The new season starts in like 2 months, so you have precious little time left to join or start up a league of your own! Get on it!


New for the 2008 Season: the hottest Fantasy Football League since the 2004 season, brought to you by Fleaflicker.  

League Name: Kicker Confidential  
Divisions: Two  
Teams: Eight  
Action: Unlimited!  

That’s right, the insane custom league you’ve always wanted is finally here! Just how insane is it? Check out these Roster restrictions:  

Kickers: Three  
Defensive Linemen: Two  
Defensive Backs: Two  
Bench: Five  

Holy mother of Christ! The fate of your team rests on the accurate legs of the best, the worst and the mediocre kickers in the NFL! The scoring rules are highly customized, so BIG points will be given to the kickers who kick far, kick often, and meet and break records! And to round things out, you receive some decent points for your DBs and DLs who happen to get a good amount of tackles, sacks, and interceptions! And if your Kicker tackles someone? Holy crap, look out!  

Check out the scoring rules here:  

Sure, it makes little to no sense, but that’s why you want in!  

There is a limit of 8 teams to allow everyone to have 3 fairly reliable kickers starting every week. Plus there are DBs and DLs all over the league putting in a good effort. If you lose a guy due to injury, you can likely find someone to fill in the roster spot without sacrificing performance.  
Be sure to also check out the players available and you will see how many points they scored based on the customized league rules. Remember when Bironas had that record-breaking day last season? That’s why he has the most points for 2007.  
This is a private league, so if you want the password to join, let me know. We’re just about half full! If there is somehow an incredible demand, just know I’m basically sending it out on a first-come first-serve basis. So get in soon!  
There will be more tweaks made to rules and points, and suggestions will encouraged and largely ignored. BAM! No, really, this is just a league to have some goofy fun, so if you can commit to making proper roster changes every week with the rest of your leagues, you’re welcome to join.  
Let’s have some fun out there! Let’s go football!!!