My Charlie’s Angels/Buffy:TVS fan-fiction

My CA/BTVS fanfiction is really taking off in the fanfic community and I just wanted to share a bit of my latest chapter with you all! ūüôā ūüėÄ ūüôā ūüėÄ ūüôā ūüėÄ This is an excerpt from¬†the third part of at least a thirteen episode season, I promise if there is enough demand I will definitely see if the show can get “picked up” for a back nine order LOL!!!!!!!

Background: My CA/BTVS “series” takes place after the events of both modern Charlie’s Angels movies (Charlie’s Angels and Charlie’s Angels 2: Full Throttle), and Season 5 of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Everything that happened before that point is considered canon, letting me be free to do WHATEVER I want from that point out.

Previously on CA/BTVS: Buffy returns from the dead with the help of her friends and reacquaints herself¬†with her Slayer¬†duties.¬†Charlie sends the Angels from Los Angeles to Sunnydale, CA to scout out a new recruit. But is¬†Buffy who they want on the team? After the Angels encounter Buffy and her friends¬†at the Bronze, they¬†fight together¬†against a gang of vampires in the alley, and the Angels decide they want to help Buffy clean up Sunnydale’s vampire problem. Buffy invites the Angels to move into her home, and they agree to it only if Buffy will show them a little more about what it means to be a Slayer. What none of the girls are aware of is the fact that Angels crossed paths with a particular Angel who lives in the City of Angels. ūüėÄ

Charlie’s Angels/Buffy: The Vampire Slayer fan-fiction by: Steve Drasmund AKA “Dark Drazz”
Season 1: Giles’ Angels
Episode 3: Graveyard Shift
written by: DARK DRAZZ
Thanks to: Li’l Willow, DylanDylon, XxSlayerQueenxX, Angelus444 and Spiiikkke

Buffy: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Dylan: Drew Barrymore
Alex: Lucy Liu
Natalie: Cameron Diaz
Dawn: Michelle Trachtenberg
Willow: Alyson Hannigan
Xander: Nicholas Brendon
Giles: Anthony Stewart Head
Anya: Emma Caulfield
Spike: James Marsters
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“Watch out!!” Buffy shouted to Natalie. Buffy spun kick with her left leg and knocked the male vampire down, but he quickly got up and growled like a lion, but more hellish and demon-like than a regular lion. The vampire’s attention was turned to Buffy, who was wearing her favorite¬†jeans and suede jacket, so he did not notice that Dylan had snuck up behind him with a wooden stake in her right hand. Or did he? As she tried to plunge the stake into the back of the vampire’s back, he quick spun around and backhanded her face with a closed fist and that sent her flying through the air¬†and then up against¬†a headstone marked “Bauer.”

“Ooooh, that smarts,” Dylan moaned to herself and shook her head to clear the cobwebs.

“Hey,” Alex shouted to the vampire. Alex was dressed in all black like a cat burglar, with a black cap that covered most of her shiny¬†black hair. She¬†was squatting¬†on the top of a large headstone like how Spider-Man¬†would squat on the top of tall building and survey¬†the ground below.¬†The crossbow she held aimed at the vampire was loaded, so she thought she could try to intimidate the demonspawn. The vampire¬†glanced over his shoulder and noticed the loaded crossbow pointed at him and growled again like a lion that had a thirst for blood. He then turned and faced her and Alex knew she had her chance to hit him right in the heart and kill him forever. But when the crossbow clicked, the arrow flew through the air and the vampire was fast enough to catch it in midair right before it could even pierce his undead skin. The vampire lion-growled again and broke the arrow in his hand like a normal but strong person would break a pencil with one hand. Alex fumbled with the crossbow to reload it because she thought she would have killed the beast with one shot and she was not prepared to¬†load it additionally.¬†The ferocious demon moved really fast and spun kicked her legs out from on top of the headstone and she fell backward with an “OOOF!” If the vampie was not clouded by the bloodlust in his stomach because he just rose from the grave not more than ten minutes ago and was really thirsty for blood, he would have said, “Two down, two to go.” The vampire spun around again and noticed Natalie.

Natalie pulled out the crucifix and held it in front of her. She remembered what she saw in the movies and she knew that vampires did not like the cross of the holy Jesus Christ, among other things like holy water, garlic, and of course sunlight. She secretly wished it was¬†two in the afternoon.¬†But the vampire approached her, seemingly not affected by the cross in Natalie’s hand. She shook it at little in the effort to make the growling vampire notice it, but it still did not bother him in any way. “Buffy…!?” she called to the Slayer.

“Natalie!” Buffy shouted back. “You’re holding it upside down!”

Natalie didn’t even realize that it was upside down and before she had time to flip it around, the vampire grabbed her by the arm and swung her into Dylan, who was just getting up and dusting herself off. The vampire seemed pleased with¬†his ability¬†to fend off the ladies dressed in really hot clothes, except for Alex who was like a cat burglar.

“Hey, ugly,” Buffy said, with her arms crossed. The vampire spun around again to see Buffy standing there. And because she was pretty short compared to him because he was over six feet tall, she looked like a tasty snack. The Slayer asked the demon, “Please don’t eat little ol’ me.”

Alex was pretty sure Buffy¬†didn’t really mean to beg for her life¬†but she was a little curious. Did a Slayer get scared? Alex was thinking that because¬†she herself was not a Slayer and she was pretty scared at the undead vampire who seemed able to take apart the Angels without¬†working up a sweat.¬†She watched as Buffy still stood there with her arms crossed, almost like she was holding herself to protect herself. The vampire snarled and growled as¬†he approached the Slayer who suddenly looked scared and vulnerable. Alex thought, could this be the end for the Slayer?

The vampire got one foot from Buffy and put his hands up to grab her but then she said really sternly, “Wait! Question for you.” The vampire stopped for a moment and Buffy said, “What happens if don’t clean your house after awhile?” The vampire cocked his head like a beagle dog or German shepherd to signify that he didn’t get the question. And like lightning, Buffy pulled a wooden stake from the sleeve of her suede jacket and plunged it deep into the heart of the demon. “You get dust everywhere,” she finished. And¬†right on cue he fell apart into¬†dusty¬†demon bits and the battle was over.

The Angels gathered together to make sure each one of them were okay. And they hugged each other a little because they were happy they were all still alive.

“Looks like we have a lot to¬†learn about slaying vampires,” Dylan said to no one in particular.


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